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What to Consider When Choosing a Small Business Loan

Statistics show that small business owners spend a lot of time looking for credit. The many financial options available in the market make it difficult for small business owners to decide the right one for them. Over the last few years, finding small business financing has become easier with the emergence of online lenders. However, this means even more time is spent by small business owners evaluating the options they have.

You can simplify the work of choosing a lender if you meet the minimum requirements for financing and know the kind of loan you want. You can save time as well as find the right lender easily if you prepare in advance. Here are some considerations to put in mind when searching for a small business loan.

Type of Financing You Need
There are different types of financing you can explore for your business. Credit cards, nonprofit lenders, bank lenders and online credit marketplaces are some of the options you can pursues. You should have an idea of the best financing option to go for. The health of your business and what you want to do with the loan should help you make a decision on which lending option to go for.
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Banks and other traditional lending institutions will be the best option to consider if you need a large loan. On the other hand, if you want small, short term loans, you can apply for them online. You will come across different online lenders that offer loans for emergencies. These loans usually have to be paid back within one to three months.
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Amount of Interest
Before applying for a loan, find out how much interest is charged for it. Generally, you will pay a higher amount of interest if you take a loan for a longer period. Find out how much interest you are likely to pay depending on the lender you choose.You will know whether you are getting a good deal by comparing the interest charged for a specific amount of loan by different lenders.

You can use the Internet to find out how much different lenders charge for the amount of financing you need. One of the factors that will determine how much interest you will be charged is the market rates. Apart from this, things such as the term and size of your loan can affect the interest rate.

Does the Lender Have a Good Reputation?
Look for a lender that has a good reputation. Ideally, you want to apply for financing from a lender that usually works with businesses in your industry. You are likely to get an affordable loan at lenient terms from such a lender. Before applying for financing, go through the terms and conditions of the lender.

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How to Rent a Car in New Zealand

Renting a car in New Zealand is as effortless as phoning a car rental company or individual who rents out cars. As well, you can usually do it via through the web. Just have your credit card on hand, and of course, a valid full driver’s license. If you’re booking online, some companies may require you to enter your credit card details. Just make sure you’re dealing with a legit rental to avoid compromising your account’s safety.


Most established car rental companies in New Zealand have 21 as the minimum age for renting a car. Some will actually entertain younger individuals, provided they have a valid full driver’s license.

Also take note that these companies may bill an extra charge if you’re younger than a particular age. Different renters have different age cutoffs for surcharges, but this is generally between 25 and 30 years. There may be other restrictions, such as the amount of time that has lapsed from the date you had your driver’s license.
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If this is less than a year or two, in some places, you will be charged extra or extra conditions will be laid down.
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Driving License

If you’re in New Zealand as a tourist from abroad, it is always best to bring an international driving permit, just in case somebody asks you for it; if your license isn’t expressed in English, then you definitely need your international license.


The price of renting a car in New Zealand mainly depends on:

> the car rental company itself;

> the number of days you plan to use the car;

> whether you’ve booked the car during low or high season;

> the type of vehicle you’re renting;

> extras such as road assistance, insurance, snow chains, etc.;

> rental company’s location; and

> age of renter (some cases).

The most effective way of learning how much renting a car in New Zealand is, would be to explore the websites of two or three reputable car rental companies in the area. In one of their webpages, you may be asked to feed the necessary details, like your planned rental’s inclusive dates, the vehicle you want, and any extras. Always be safe and expect a minimum daily rate of $50. There are companies dip below that amount, but you have to be careful what you’re getting into when something sounds too good to be true.

Finally, car rentals usually don’t charge your credit card as you book, unless you have been made aware that there are booking and cancellation charges, or that a part of the rental fees have to be paid upfront.

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